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Frequently asked questions

What applications use CAS?

We do not have exact list available, you can read the basic overview on page About CAS.

What is the difference between verified and non-verified password?

Unverified password provides application less assurance about the real user's identity, and the users suffers greater risk of account compromise. Usage of unverified passwords is prohibited by some faculties' policy.

We recommend to use unverified passwords only when necessary and obtain verified password as soon as possible. You may also disable setting the unverified password for your account altogether.

Apart from the way of acquiring the password the difference in practice is that using verified password you have unlimited access to all applications.

What applications require verified password?

Verified password is required for setting passwords in other systems:

  • eduroam network
  • JINONICE domain
  • computing facilities of LF in Pilsen (domain STUDENTS)
Verified password is also necessary to verify your email addresses a consequently to apply for TCS personal certificates.

How can I find out my username?

You can use your eight-digit personal number printed on identity card below photograph as your username.

Do I have to visit card issuing office to change my password?

If you know your valid password, you do not have to visit card issuing office and you can change your password after logging in.

If you do not know the password, but you have your phone number stored, we will verify your identity by SMS message and you can set a new password. In case you do not remember password and we do not know your phone number, you have to follow the same steps like you had no password at all - visit card issuing office or faculty's registration authority.

I can not login into SIS (or other application) even if I enter correct password?

The application probably did not authorize your access because you do not have permission to login. You have to be a student or staff to work with SIS. If you are an applicant, it is possible that your study department have not entered your study data into the system yet and hence SIS denies access to you. If that is the case, please contact your study department.

How can I renew my password?

You can extend your passwords lifetime by changing the password. You can reuse the same password if your faculty's policy allows.

What can I do if my password expired?

If your password expired recently (before 3 months or later), you can still use it to login at CAS portal and set new password.

Otherwise you have to follow the same steps like you had no password - visit card issuing office or faculty's registration authority.

What if I forget my password?

Follow the same steps like you had no password - visit card issuing office or faculty's registration authority.

How should I choose my password?

Passwords generally should contain non-alphabetical characters (eg. digits or special characters). It has to be sufficiently long, at least six characters. It must be hard to guess from the publicly known information about you (name, date of birth are not good passwords).

Strong password should be easy to remember so you would not have to write it down.

Some password rules are enforced by CAS. You will be reminded about the rules on password change page.

Whom should I contact if I have a problem?
You can post your request using Problem with login link or you can send it by email to helpdesk@is.cuni.cz.